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The old Palazzo Sa Pischedda lies in the captivating valley of the Malaspina Castle (1112) just 30 m from the noteworthy old Bridge and the Temo River.

The Art Nouveau building was worked by the previous proprietor Mr. Muroni following the considerable urban advancement and business improvement of Bosa. This building was worked in 1896 and still holds antiquated ‘frescoes’ painted by Emilio Scherer (Parma 1845 – Bosa 1924) . Presently Bosa is one of the biggest towns in Sardinia and spends significant time in the generation of cowhide, organic product, vegetables, fish and wine, exchanging inside Sardinia and abroad.

The inn is found a couple of meters from the Sas Conzas old tanneries, which used to be a position of habitation for individuals of a wide range of social standings, for example, judges, engineers, financiers, landowners and horsemen.

Amid your stay you can likewise demand to see the old enlistment cards and the lodgings’ old records which give you a feeling of the history, culture and appeal, exceptional to Bosa.